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    Weird InDesign CC problems - opening file/importing pics

    sodablair Level 1

      I just upgraded to the newest InDesign CC (9.1) - now when I go to open a file from one of my external drives (I tried opening files from two different usb external drives), if I wait more than about 2 seconds, it's as though the operation cancels itself and the open file box goes away. The same thing happens if I try to import a photo into a photo box. -command e-, the import photo box comes up, then a couple seconds later, it disappears.


      InDesign doesn't crash, or crap out or anything.


      Here's the weird thing. If I go fast enough clicking on a file to open or photo to import, it works. But only if I do it within 2 seconds?!?!?!


      The even weirder part.... if I try importing the same way but I only do it from my local system hd, no problem.... the box will stay open as long as I want until I click the file I want.


      This is the strangest thing I've ever encountered in InDesign!!!!!


      Can anyone offer some insight to this, besides the fact that I have Gremlins in my InDesign?!?!?!