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    Need help in creating two forms.




      I'm trying to create 2 forms inside adobe edge but not able to do so. I was able to define the fields and name them. But i'm not sure as to what code will go into the 'compositionready'. I tried searching for it almost all places, was able to find information but when i try it, it just doesn't work out. I even tried searching for a youtube video but there's no video for forms in adobe edge.


      Please check the attached images for reference as to what the layout of the form will be. If someone could point me to the right direction or lemme know as to what code shuld i add in the compositionready, i would be much obliged.



      [Form 01: Booking]



      [Form 02: Email]


      When someone clicks on 'submit', the contents of both the forms will be emailed to different email address such as data from Form 01 for Booking will go to 'bookings@mywebsite.com' and for Form 02 for Email will go to 'info@mywebsite.com'. Apart from these two forms, my work is almost over.