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    NOOK Simple Touch vs ADE :(


      I successfully downloaded from uk dot nook dot com a number of new titles to my Nook. However when I connect the device to my PC, on this occasion the books aren't visible on the device when viewing through ADE... frustrating as I normally "back up" the titles in ADE.


      Has anyone experienced this, or can anyone explain the issue (in simple terms, please!) to me? Thanks!

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          sjpt Level 4

          I usually go the other way; using ADE to access the books then transferring them to ereader or tablet.

          But that is partly because it is the only direction with my ereader.


          If you only want to use ADE for backup, no need to use ADE at all.

          If you go to your file manager (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder) you should find the nook as a mounted drive.

          You can copy books from the Nook storage to the PC that way.

          Make sure to copy the .epub or .pdf files, not the .acsm ones.


          Answering the original question, when you look via the file manager you may find that the Nook has

          not loaded the books into its Digital Editions directory, but somewhere else in Nook storage.

          Those books might not be seen by ADE.


          Possibly the Nook has loaded onto an SD card (if it has one).

          I'm not sure it that would even be visible in the file manager;

          you might need to copy onto the computer with a card reader in that case.

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            If the books are from public domain, such as gutenberg or feedbooks, direct access to nook storage is not a problem.

            But if the books are from B&N, they are unaccessible in this way.

            I heard that(not proved) B&N uses particular DRM, not standard Adobe DRM,

            so I'm not sure you can share them to ADE.

            But if you download from B&N, you can re-download or manage your books on B&N website after login at any time, not need to backup.