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    Why can't I 'edit in PS5' from LR4, with an image taken with a Canon 6D?


      I recently upgraded to a Canon 6D. My usual workflow is to import my files into LR 4 (4.3 I think) and do standard editing. I then choose 'edit in' CS5 from the LR menu and normally the image opens up in PShop for more adjustments. I make the adjustments then save and I get two versions of the image back in LR, one as it was and the one I just edited. Now when I do this, PShop opens, but my image doesn't appear. I can see some of PShop on the screen ie the menus and tool bar etc but mostly LR is seen. Have been told to download a DNG converter and update my camera raw software etc and I've tried a few things but nothing is working and I don't know what version of the updates I need etc and what to do. I don't understand computers at all so a basic step by step guide would be good! ...please can you help as I am getting really behind with all my editing :-(

      Someone has told me that CS5 doesn't support the version of Camera Raw required to open 6D RAW files...please tell me there is something I can do without having to buy CS6 and LR5 which is what someone on chat on the Adobe website has just told me?


      Many thanks, any help would be much appreciated.