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    Importing AVI to After Effects

    Rainbow Stylin



      I've read a few discussions, on adobe forums, and elsewhere, but not found an answer yet.


      I can't import AVI videos into after effects CS6, can anybody tell me why?


      I think the codec is H.264 AVC (I'm pretty new to this, so sorry if this is wrong).




      I am using 40 minute videos in AVI (H.264 AVC) that are approx 2GB in size (no idea how to reduce file size without affecting quality by the way). 720p, sometimes 1080p.


      As I cannot import to CS6, I have to firstly convert in handbrake, however, this adds time to the process, and really hammers down on the quality of the video (even when selecting the best settings).


      Thank you

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If it uses a specific CoDec, then you will have to install it on your system. I'm sure whatever camera you use came with a CD for that or the manufacturer offers a download on his site. Beyond that simply do some reading up on this stuff. I'm sure with the right settings it will transcode flawlessly in Handbrake. Also if possible set your camera to record without an AVI wrapper as plain MP4/MPG files. Saves you all the trouble...



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            Rainbow Stylin Level 1

            Unfortunately, the camera I use, starts in DAV (which plays on nothing universal), and has an onboard converter to AVI only (no MP4 / MPG). There is a good reason why it is only DAV and AVI.


            I guess I simply cannot put AVI into After Effects.


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              Chris Mo Evans Level 1

              If you really want to import AVI without having to convert them, do a google search for AVI codecs for AE and you might be able to find something.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                After Effects can use AVI files. The question, as others have pointed out, is what codec the AVI files are using. You will need to have the correct codec installed and not corrupted. In the past, I've seen issues like yours when people have installed codec packs from third parties (like k-lite), but that's not been a problem lately.

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                  Greg Baber Adobe Employee

                  If you tell us the camera make and model, that can help us determine what codec it is using and where you need to look for the installer.

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                    Rainbow Stylin Level 1

                    Is H.264 - AVC not a video codec?


                    The camera is; Qvis APOIP-BL, 2MP, 1080p. And it records to a Zeus NVR.


                    The Zeus NVR codes in H.264 and MJPEG, both of these raw files cannot be imported to after effects CS6.


                    If you have answers, then great! But I think I'll need to give up on importing to AE



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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      H.264 is a very popular codec to use for HD content. One thing that is unusual about how you're describing your codec is that it's not often in an AVI wrapper. 


                      Anyway, there are two possiblilites as I can see it.

                      1. The camera is doing something odd with the files that makes them unable to be imported


                      2. The codecs on your computer are messed up.


                      I'd lean towards the camera being weird. I've worked with footage from security systems before and they don't seem to be able to get the standards quite right for their recording. It's almost always taken some odd path of transcoding before I could use it in any professional video editing software.

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                        Rainbow Stylin Level 1

                        Thanks everyone


                        I think you are right Szalam, the camera or recording device is doing something to the file, possibly to protect it? As its core purpose is for surveillance, so they don't want people tampering with it I guess?


                        In this instance, I am going to give up, and stick to converting it before importing to AE.


                        Next time I will look for a recording device that will support MP4 or something like that.