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    Selected file cannot be linked because its type (video) does not match the original file's type


      I've been using Premiere Elements 9 for a couple of years now, and a few months ago I began having problems importing AVI files created from a BlackMagic Intensity Pro capture card.  (These issues were not previously occurring, and since they surfaced, I have exhausted the various settings for the BlackMagic card, used various software such as BlackMagic's own Media Express as well as the freeware VirtualDub, and still have the following problems.)


      In addition, these AVI files play just fine, in their entirety, using Windows Media Player and in Quicktime.


      The problem (or possibly two, but I suspect they could be related) is that most of the AVI files I attempt to import will either (1) import all video and NO audio, or (2) import ONLY a short segment of audio and video, and the length that Elements imports varies.  Usually only in the range of a minute or two.  The rest of the file is not imported at all.


      After much digging in forums, and testing various settings in trying to figure out the issue, I decided to back up all of my files and completely wipe all hard drives and start over with a fresh installation of Windows and Premiere Elements 9.  I haven't installed much else yet, as I wanted to first find out if the reinstallation improved things with Elements.


      For the first project I created in Elements after the reinstallation, Elements successfully imported an entire AVI that was nearly 2 hours long, audio and video.  This was a file that previously would not import properly into Elements.  This suggested that my earlier installation of Elements must have been corrupted somehow.  At this point I was very hopeful that all was well.


      I proceeded to edit the video as I had wanted, saved the project, and exported it to an MPEG format file.  I had originally wanted to export it as an MOV, but I hadn't yet installed Quicktime, so Elements couldn't do that just yet.  The MPEG export was successful and plays fine.


      However, I then installed Quicktime, and once it was finished, I restarted the PC and reloaded the same project.  This time, Elements claimed the media was offline.  I double-clicked on a segment of the video, and directed Elements to the raw file, but then an error message popped up:  "The selected file cannot be linked because its type (video) does not match the original file's type (audio and video)."  This was the same file I had JUST edited and of which I created an MPEG.


      I tried creating a new project and the "Get Media" function to import the AVI again, but this time only the video imported with NO audio.  (This would explain why the error message said what it did, but not why the audio wasn't imported.)


      What in the world is going on with Elements???  I am baffled since the ONLY task I have done on this machine after a complete reinstallation of both Windows and Elements is edit one AVI.  I find it very hard to believe that just installing Quicktime caused this.


      Some info on my system:

      System:  Asus P6T w/ Intel i7 920 and 12 GB memory

      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

      Video Software:  Premiere Elements 9

      Capture Card:  BlackMagic Intensity Pro (PCI-e)

      Capture Software:  AVIs recorded with either BlackMagic Media Express or VirtualDub (only prior to the reinstallation, as neither of these programs are currently installed)


      I'm getting to the point with Elements that I might need to just abandon it and find something else that is more reliable.  Anybody have suggestions to help with this, so I won't have to migrate?

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          We think that we need to start off with definiting the properties of these .avi files that you are importing into Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 (assumed that you are working for the required 9.0.1 Update).


          You say that the "avi" was created from a "BlackMagic Intensity Pro capture card". What are the properties of this .avi that you imported into Premiere Elements? Not all .avi are created equal. What is the video and audio compression, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, pixel aspect ratio, typical duration?


          Based on the properties of the video what have you been setting as the project preset?


          Let us start here.


          More later.