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    Automate batch bug



      First of all I´m sorry for my bad English knowledge.

      I have a problem with automate batch in czech cs6 extended.

      I created a batch that creates a new file and places copied bitmap image

      (copy flattened image - ctrl+shift+c) with specific name (in this is name "DVOJICA")

      but the file created with this batch is without name (just with sign "@50%....." see at the first red arrow).

      Every time befor I start this batch i must create a new file manually (with specific name e.g. "DVOJICA",

      then the batch working propertly.



      Thank you!

      Best regards,


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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm attempting to understand what is happening.  according to your action, it looks like you are:


          Selecting a previous document (this is listed twice - so I'm not sure what documents are being selected)

          set a selection to copy from one document

          close the document

          (This is where it looks odd) The translation in English is "Lable".  This is where you are either labeling a new document or creating (Making) a new document.  When I make a new document I get the information shown in the attached image.  When I run the action, it creates the new document with the name I gave it, when I created the action.


          Can you explain how you are creating the new document or labeling it, when you created the action?


          test document.jpg

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            portret@stonline Level 1

            I´m so sorry for the language problems.

            The steps are (with 4 documents had opened):

            1) select previous document (Výběr před dokument)

            2) select previous document (Výběr před dokument)

            3) select all (ctrl+A) (Nastavit výběr)

            4) copy flattened (ctrl+shift+C) (Kopírovat sloučené)

            5) close this document (Zavřít)

            6) labeling (creating) new document with (ctrl+N) name "DVOJICA", settings: clipboard (Značka Nový: dokument, Název: "DVOJICA", Přednastavění: Schránka)

            7) paste (Vkládání)

            8) select layer "background" (Výběr vrstva "Pozadí")

            9) delete layer

            10) Image size



            .... after these steps I must insert a new step: save document as "DVOJICA.psd"

            and after this document gets his name.

            The problem was at next step:



            11) open document E:\Templaty\....

            12) duplicate layer to: document "DVOJICA" name: "Elipsa"...



            the photoshop could not find document "DVOJICA" because document created with copying flattened layers had no own name.

            But after inserting step "save document as "DVOJICA.psd" and changing step no. 12 to :



            12) duplicate layer to: document "DVOJICA.psd" name: "Elipsa" ...



            the batch working good.

            But I think here is a small bug in this version of Photoshop



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              Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Actions that reference multiple documents are difficult to create.  As you mentioned, usless the document has been saved with a new name, an action doesn't know what to select.  Scripting (writing javascript code) works much better for this.

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                portret@stonline Level 1

                Thank you,

                scripting is a little bit difficult for me,

                last programming language that I used was turbo pascal

                The question is, my actions are saved as scripts in photoshop?

                Or if i want to "translate" my actions to scripts, I must write them all as new scripts?

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                  Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can have a script run parts of your actions.  There is a plugin called ScriptListener, that you put in the plugin\automate folder.  It will generate code, much like recording an action.  It writes the code to a file on you desk top that you can incorporate into your script.