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    Crop to specific size

      Since Leopard / Photoshop CS3 is currently broken, I'm using Fireworks, but having trouble doing the simplest things.

      I need to crop a portion of an image to a specific pixel dimension. It's easy in Photoshop, but I'm just not getting it Fireworks. Also, how do you constrain a square when cropping? Shift drag the crop tool doesn't keep it square like photoshop.

      Can't seem to get a firm answer from google, so maybe here?
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          pixlor Level 4
          Drag a rectangle with the marquee tool, about the size and position you want. With the marquee active, use the Info palette to change the dimensions and position, just as you would for a rectangle.

          Then, Edit > Crop Document to chop off anything you don't want.
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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
            Also if you don't want to crop/clip object bounds in the process - go Edit > Preferences > Editing Tab and deselect 'Delete Objects when cropping' option.

            Another option is the Export Area Tool (C). Draw your crop area with it, then double click the crop area and it takes you directly to the Export dialog.

            This option is nice if you don't want to change your original .png source file.