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    Having difficulties using text threading


      I'm laying out a book in InDesign CS6. I'm experienced in using the software and I've designed several books using the same method but for some reason there seems to be a bug.

      I've set up my document and used facing pages, inserted identical text boxes on the master pages and linked them using the shift key to 'auto thread' the boxes. In my layout I've then selected the first master text box and pasted the book text all into it, assuming it will then flow and add pages/boxes as it goes along like usual.

      But it hasn't. It's got a certain way through (like, 5-6 pages, the table of contents!) and stopped in the middle of a word. The rest of the text IS there somewhere but I can't get at it (if I select all and reduce the font size from 10pt to 7pt or so it adds a load more text in and adds the pages in properly. I don't understand why point size would affect the threading – really need to solve this one urgently and I don't mind looking a bit silly if it's something obvious – please help!!