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    Copyright on using Captivate characters




      Can I use captivate characters in not-captivate commercial projects? For example, in PowerPoint Presentation.

      If I have purchased a copy of Captivate, of course.


      Kind regards, Alexandra

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          Nope, sorry .


          2.3 Content Files. Unless stated otherwise in the “Read-Me” files, Documentation, or other license(s) associated with the Content Files, Customer may use, display, modify, reproduce, and distribute any of the Content Files. However, Customer may not distribute the Content Files on a stand-alone basis (i.e., in circumstances in which the Content Files constitute the primary value of the product being distributed), and Customer may not claim any trademark rights in the Content Files or derivative works thereof. Nothing stated herein shall affect the ownership of the Software as stated in Section 3.

          C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Captivate 7 x64/Legal/en_US/license.html

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            Hi all,


            I frankly do not agree with this answer.  However, I would also like to know what the true answer to this is.  It seems to me that it is simply saying the content cannot be trademarked.  It doesn't say anything about not being able to use content in a commercial project. Nor, does it say that your own work cannot be copyrighted that uses their content. It does say that it can be distributed as long as they are not stand-alone. Not only am I interested in how this applies to captivate characters but also to other content from Adobe software that have terms like this. I haven't been able to find anything on the internet to help verify or negate what I am saying.  If anyone could clarify this then I would greatly appreciate it.


            Thank you, Ron