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    Bugs with styles in RoboHelp 7 ?


      I'm working with RoboHelp 7 (the french version, good news ! ) for a few days and I note that there are some problems with the styles...
      I created a new project in RH7 in what I wanted to apply a new style sheet. So I created a new style sheet (Format Menu/Styles then New Sheet button) : and I personalized 2 styles (The heading 1 in blue and Normal in grey). I close the dialog box Styles and I apply the new style sheet on my topics (Appearance tab in the topics properties). But, they have not changed (the heading 1 is still in black as the normal style...). So I open the style sheet and I note that the personalization of the Heading 1 and Normal have disappeared...
      I change the styles for the second time and the changes appear in my topics... Is there anyone in the forum who experience the same issue ?
      Always with the styles, with RHX5 and RH6 it was possible to create a style on the fly. This functionnality doesn't work in RH7, is it normal ?

      Thanks for your answers !
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Eliser

          Indeed I have taken notice that version 7 changes things with creating styles on the fly.

          For the styles that don't appear to apply, are you certain that you don't have an embedded style that may be overriding things? How was the topic created? If you come back with "Imported from Word", I'm thinking this could likely be the case.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Eliser Level 1
            Hello Rick,

            I have not imported a word document and I'm not using an embedded style.

            You can reproduce the issue very easily by doing the following actions :
            - create a new project with the default topic (First topic).
            - create a new sheet and modify the Heading 1 and Normal formats (in the Styles dialog box)
            - click on close button to close the Styles dialog box
            - apply the new style sheet on the First topic
            The style sheet is applied but the styles appears like in the style sheet default.css

            Good luck ! Maybe this issue appears only in RH7 French ?
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              Hi, Eliser. The English version of RH 7 behaves the same way. When I followed your steps (create new project, create new sheet, modify styles) the new styles were not applied to the topic. Oddly enough, after following those steps, I did an Undo, and the new styles appeared properly.

              I also noticed that when you create a new style sheet, it is applied immediately to the topic. You can see the style sheet reference in the HTML. However, the new sheet doesn't appear in the project manager until after you save the topic. Maybe that's part of the problem? Robo adds a style sheet reference before the style sheet is actually saved to disk, so it gets confused about what formatting to use and falls back on the default?

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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                It appears the stylesheet gets applied to the topic but the changes you make to the new stylesheet are in fact applied to the one that was shown in the editor before you clicked the New Sheet button. Check your topics to confirm.

                I think you will find that if you open the new stylesheet in Notepad, it is empty. Please confirm.

                I have raised this with Adobe.

                Please post any variances you are seeing or confirm that you are seeing the above.

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                  Eliser Level 1
                  I agree with you Peter, I opened the new styles sheet in Notepad and it is empty !
                  If I create the style sheet without modify the styles, after saving the project the style sheet appears in the project. Then I open the new style sheet and modify the styles. With this method, the style sheet is not empty when I open it in Notepad.

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    Thanks. There are other ways of creating style sheets that avoid this problem. See the Using RH7 page on my site.

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                      HKabaker Level 2
                      What we're seeing here, I gather, is that you must hit the "Save All" icon or File|Save before you'll see changes.

                      If that's mistaken, then RH seems to be saving the changes only when you close the project. That's not good.


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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        No, What we are seeing is in my topic. The point is not making the changes to the new style sheet until you close and reopen the style editor, if you went to it via the menu. Not the same thing.

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                          HKabaker Level 2

                          Ne-ver mind.

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                            Eliser Level 1

                            I find an other issue with the styles... When I create some glossary terms and I launch the glossary hotspot wizard, at the end, the glossary hotspots are created but the styles of my styles sheet are deleted, I mean if the Heading 1 was in grey, arial and 12pt, it is now like the Heading 1 in the default.css styles sheet....I hope you understand me...

                            Thanks for your help !

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                              I have got the same problem. After having added the hotspots via the Wizard all my topics were Times New Roman although I had specified Verdana in the CSS. In the CSS no (obvious) changes were applied the Style Normal had still VErdana. I then changed Normal to some other font and saved all topics. The topics were changed. ICh changed Normal back to VErdana and guess what - VErdana was back on the track again.

                              Methinks this is a grusely workaround.

                              I thought everything would be easier in RH 7 but some things stay the same;o)

                              Oh yes and my problem is that the style for the hotspot and expanding text stay the same even though I changed them for the umpteenth time.

                              Keep on hoping....