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    Forms - multiple 'other' fields


      I would like to creat an option that includes multiple 'others'.  Basically, I need to create a field that looks like this:



      Check box (Teacher)

      Check box (Parent) with an option to provide the name of the student

      Check box (Community Member) with an option to provide the name of the student


      Any help is appreciated

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          FormsCentral does not support having more than one "Other" choice within a Multi-choice field. 


          One possible work around I imagine you thought of would be to use multiple single choice fields instead of a multiple choice.


          A better work around would be using "Skip Logic" (or Show/Hide logic, which is a Paid subscription level feature) to expose a corresponding text field when any of those choices are selected...  This way only text boxes corresponding to selected items would be shown, they could be marked "Required" also so that if the multi-choice field is selected they have to enter a name in the exposed Name field.


          Hopefully one of those works for you...