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    Mutually exclusive checkbox or radiobutton?

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      I have a situation that there are multiple selections/answers for a question and only one selection is permitted (mutually exclusive selection) on the form. I used radiobuttons group to get the user input, which works fine. The issue is once the radiobutton in the group is selected, the group of radiobuttons can not be cleared. I need a mutually exclusive selection control with a function to clear the previous selections.


      I am new and I think this issue must have been discussed before but I could not find a solution for it. What in my mind now is either:


      1. to use checkbox with javascripts to make a group of checkboxes mutually exclusive selected and still can be unselected. Something like:

      if (this.rawValue == "1"){ // CheckBox1
           CheckBox2.rawValue = null;
           CheckBox3.rawValue = null;


      2. Or to use the radiobutton group, but add a control (button?) to clear all the radiobutton value when clicked, with javascripts.


      Is there a better way in getting it done? Your help is greatly appreciated.