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    Skipped Screens during Autocapture

      We are using the trial version of Captivate to make a case for our client to move to Captivate for simulations. We are doing SAP training. While capturing screens in the auto capture mode, it appears that screens are skipped. Is this a bug in Captivate or are we doing something wrong. It appears that the only way to capture every step is to do it in the manual mode. Doing it this way forces you to select the Assessment mode, Demo mode or simulation mode rather than capturing for all modes as in the autocapture.

      Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi kayembee and welcome to our community

          Often when recording, the illusion of skipped screens results. This is particularly evident when recording anything web based. The reason is that Captivate is running on your local PC and running very quickly. So you click a link on a web page and bingo! Captivate grabs a screen capture. But the page doesn't update immediately. Instead, the link resulted in a command being transmitted to the web server. It is then processed and the page changes as a result. So this often results in what appear to be skipped screens.

          The trick is to develop a feel for when this is happening and supplement your auto capturing with occasional presses of the Print Screen key to force Captivate to grab screens you think may have been missed. Once you are finished recording, you then delete the blank screens, leaving behind a decent recording.

          Hopefully this helps a bit... Rick
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            kayembee Level 1
            Thanks so much for your response. It definitely helped explain what was happening. After working with my developer I realized that the problem was much simpler than he had conveyed. Right now he is sailing along and quite happy with the tool.
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              I still use only manual capturing for ALL of my projects. Why? 1) I never worry about missing/extra screen captures. 2) Editing is much easier because all the elements (screen capture, cursor movements, and actions) are all contained on 1 slide - whereas in autocapturing, they become misaligned across slides, and 3) published Word documents don't contain the extra screens for actions I don't want to include.

              I've set up templates that have pre-built text captions, cursors, and interactions so I can quickly add them to my manual capture movies and add all the things that the autocapturing would have added. Overall, my team of 12 developers have experimented with both - and 11 /12 of our team does manual capturing exclusively.