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    Color palette CC: hides a colour (that is seen in other menus) and renamed in others

    camilo umana Level 1

      In a file with two colours I replaced both of them with two new ones (Cyan and Cyan 50%) to accomplish some prepress requirements.


      But one of the old colours got deleted in the palette but was not replaced and remained exactly as in some filling of cells and in some underlined text.


      The colour for underlined text was finally replaced when the character style was modified (the filling had the original colour now named "Unnamed Colour").


      But the colour for the cells remained. Tried to change it by the f/change object palette: although my old colour is now visible thst is resident an "Unnamed Colour" it is not visible in the colour Palette.


      Opened the idml version in Cs6 but the same problem


      Rebuild preferences but the same.