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    Bought Adobe CS5.5 while a student, now graduated - can I register my product?


      Hi - not sure if this is the best forum for this question, but hopefully my post can be moved if necessary.


      A few years ago, while I was a student, I bought the student edition of Adobe CS5.5 design standard. I have since graduated, and will soon be buying a new PC that I would like to transfer my CS5.5 to. I have the serial number saved, but I wanted to make sure that the product was registered before transferring it, in case anything went wrong.


      My problem is, now that I have graduated I no longer have access to my student email account, so I can't access my student Adobe ID either to check whether I registered the CS5.5. I know the login details to my student Adobe ID, but I've just tried logging in using that ID and was asked to reset my password - I can't access the password reset email because it was sent to my student email address, which has been deactivated.


      The Adobe ID I'm using now is one that I set up to use a trial of CS5.5 before committing to purchasing the student version - it uses my personal email address so I can still access it. But is there any way I can get access to my old student Adobe ID, so that I can change the email address to a valid one and make sure that my CS5.5 is registered in my account?


      Thanks in advance for your help.