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    Brand New Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Failure


      Hi, I recently purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 12 for my new laptop.


      It worked fine the first few times but now it cannot get past the 'intro box' where you choose between the organiser / video editor. It is unable to load a new project and it is unable to open an old one; in both cases it simply attempts to load, then doesn't, then returns to the box.


      I have tried reinstalling but the same problem continues. I have checked the recently installed programs list and cannot find anything missing / conflicting (Adobe App Manager is still installed). My computer (32gb Windows 7) is more than powerful enough to operate this program. I cannot find any other postings in the forums with pertain to this exact problem but I sure would appreciate a speedy response from Adobe as I purchased this literally less than 2 weeks ago.


      Yours sincerely,