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    1st day newbie Q: editing palettes on the fly

      Hi all.
      I'm working on a tie dye t-shirt designed project. Essentially, a user will be presented with a picture of a tie dye t-shirt, and a palette of available dye colors. The user will then drag and drop colors onto the t-shirt to customize the design.
      In VB (which i am more familiar with, thought far from expert in), I would acomplish this by pre-processing the t-shirt image so that it would be an 8 bit indexed bitmap, with each shirt color region representing one palette entry. When a new color is dropped on the shirt image, I would then simply change the palette index to the new color. When the user was finished, the palette would reflect the users desired design.
      I am unsure if this approach will work in Director. Is it possible to manipulate palettes on the fly? Or am I going to have to take some more indirect approach?
      Thanks for any and all suggestions.