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    New Flash Player 9 updated returns security error

    KenichiM Level 1
      I'm experiencing a security error in the just released Flash 9 Player Update (9.0.60 and higher) that I did not experience in prior versions of Flash 9 player (9.0.47 and below).

      The situation I'm encountering:
      1. I access a web service over HTTPS from a Flex application hosted on HTTPS on a different server.
      2. The HTTPS service being accessed has a crossdomain.xml file in the root permitting access by my Flex application.
      3. The service can be accessed without problems when the Flex application is running inside Flash Player 9.0.47 and below.
      4. When the serviced is accessed from a Flex application running in Flash Player 9.0.60 and higher on Windows (IE or Firefox), I get a “Security error accessing url” error.