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    iMac Hard Drive Setup Recommendations/ Thunderbolt




      i am planning to get a new top spec 27" iMac with 256GB internal SSD and will use it mainly with Premiere CC and After Effects CC to edit Red Epic Footage. Mostly 3 to 10 minute web videos. I am now thinking about the best Hard Drive Setup and could use some help.


      My actual plan would be:


      OS/Programms:  Internal 256GB SSD

      Project Files:       external 2TB USB 3 Hard Drive

      Source Footage:  CalDigit T3 Raid 6TB (Raid 0)

      Media Chache:    256GB SSD with the Thunderbolt Go Flex Station

      Outputs:            external 2TB USB 3 Hard Drive


      Should this work well?



      - How well works daisy chaining with thunderbolt: Is it ok to daisy chain a monitor to an thunderbolt connected hard drive or will this slow things down? How about daisy chaining a second hard drive? Should both hard drives then have "read" or "write" tasks or could i daisy chain an drive for my Renderings (write) to one with my Source Footage (read)?


      - If i use a 5-bay Thunderbolt Raid enclosure, is it possible to use 3 drives in a Raid 0 for my source footage and drives 4 & 5 in Raid 1 for my Outputs (Renderings) or Projects? Or would this be a bad idea?


      - How important is the size/speed of my Media Chache/Previews drive? Would an 256 GB SSD in an thunderbolt enclosure be a good choice?


      - What read speeds should my storage for the source footage have so it`s not the bottleneck? Is there a big benefit from a 3-drive Thunderbolt Raid 0 vs. a 3-drive USB3 Raid 0 (both Software Raids)?


      - What write speeds should i have for my Output storage?



      Thanks a lot for the help!