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    Extension Manager CS6 hangs on "Loading Extensions" and I cannot uninstall it.




      I've been having trouble with extension manager cs6 for about two days now, trying to apply patches to it to make it run more smoothly and stop hanging on "Loading Extensions". I have looked through these forums and they suggested that I remove all mxi files from a subfolder called "EM Store", but I cannot find a EM store under the proper location. I also cannot uninstall extension manager from my control panel, as it does not show up. I am just trying to get keyframe caddy for Adobe Flash, but I cannot get it without extension manager which is a giant pain. I've seen other people post both of their log files, but I think that just makes these forums impossible to find any real answers, as the majority of it is the log file. Please help asap, as I need this project that I am doing to be done fairly quickly.


      Short story:


      1. Manager hangs at "Loading Extensions"

      2. Tried patching with updates, did not work

      3. Tried finding the two subfolders, cannot find them at all in proper location

      4. Cannot uninstall it from control panel

      5. Need Help asap