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    Pen pressure turning on and off in CS5?

    o Stryde o

      Greetings! Long time photoshop user of 12 years, yet I've never used these forums.




      I run a Surface Pro 2 with Wacom drivers, however I've also run into this same problem on a hand built PC running windows 7 with an Intuos 4 medium. As I'm drawing, my pen pressure will disappear and reappear so that random strokes "blot" on the screen... kind of like ink blotting out of a pen, as the entire force of pressure is used for the whole stroke no matter how gently or firmly I'm pressing. I work rapidly, and small, continuous, ACCURATE strokes are an absolute must. This problem can't be duplicated on any other program I've tried, be it Paint Tool Sai or Fresh Paint - it's a photoshop specific problem.


      The problem seems to be worse on my Surface, however I'm also working more quickly on the Surface, thus running into the issue more frequently. This has been ongoing after many attempts at fixing.


      I've tried:
      Reinstalling (4 times Surface, 8 times PC over time)

      Wiping entirely with CCleaner and the removal tool adobe provides and reinstalling each time with the above ^

      Wiping and reinstalling drivers

      Trying different drivers

      Waiting for new drivers

      Buying new tablets (Bamboo, to Intuos 4 small, to Intuos 4 medium, to Surface Pro 2)

      Trying different angles and speeds (To find the result is just as random at any speed, pressure, or angle of the pen).I've exhausted my options. Who else ahs had this problem, and have you found a solution as of now?


      Thanks for any and all help!