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    Check Box Action determining multiple text fields


      Hi All, I hope someone can throw me a bone.


      I'm editing an interactive PDF form in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro which has many text fields, some that are duplicates (purposely 'linked' to contain the same text).

      What I want to happen is: when the checkbox is clicked, text fields x, y, and z = "0" and when the checkbox is unclicked, nothing happens.


      What I've tried to do so far is this:

      Create a checkbox

      Trigger: Mouse Up

      Action: Run a JavaScript:


      if (event.target.value!="Off") {

      // field unchecked - clear the text field

      this.getField("DateField").value = "";


      else {

      // field checked - fill in 0

      this.getField("0A").value = "0";



      This doesnt quite work... am I even close?


      Please & Thank You!