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    Can I get my license reset without an hour wait for an agent?


      Installed a new motherboard and CPU, and Adobe's ultra-paranoid copy protection won't let me run it.  Microsoft's Activation had no problem, because it was written by a handsome dude.


      Anyway, I've been on hold for a chat agent twice now.  After an hour it timed out ("Due to circumstances beyond our control, our chat session has ended.  If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us".  Pretty funny.


      So I restarted the chat request and it's been 45 minutes.


      I'd like to use the software I paid for.  Adobe, there's no excuse for not having a "reset activation" feature within the customer portal.  Heck, limit it to twice a year, I don't care.  But this consumer experience is abysmal.


      So, can it be done without waiting hours?  I do have some actual work to do with it...





      PS: The Contact Us page always says "An Agent is Available Now".  Why lie?