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    Will Adobe ever fix the UI text font size issues in CS6 apps?


      Having recently installed CS6 on my new Windows computer, I find some serious issues with font sizes in the user interface (and not only in Dreamweaver, but in several--but not all--the applicaitons). You'd think that with a 27-inch screen, font sizes wouldn't be a problem. And you'd be wrong.


      The irony is that some text is properly sized. Commands in the menus. For example. But the menu names are not. The text of items in the File tab is correctly sized, but the name of the File tab is not. In the Manage Sites dialog box, the title bar text is properly sized, but the text within, including button labels, is not. IN almost all of these cases, text is just plain way too small to read. It looks like the programmers made a HUGE boo-boo: they sized text in pixels, not only a no-no in web diesgn, but a no-no in applicaiton design.


      Because on a 27-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080, UI text in Dreamweaver is all plenty large and readable, while on a 27-inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440, UI text all over the applicaiton is too tiny to read--and made worse by putting the text on a gray background, reducing contrast, yet another design no-no.


      CC is NOT an option--and properly should not be for any occasional user. Do not even think of suggesting it as a "solution."


      This is clearly a bug (did Adobe do any testing on higher-resolution screens before releaseing CS6?), and one I wonder if it is unique to Windows systems (as Apple has had similarly high-resolutiopn screen for its displays and iMac lines for quite some time now). Or is it uniquely a Windows 8 issue?


      Finally, is there at all a workaround? I can find nothing in the Settings dialog box that would control the size of UI text. Perhaps there is a text-based configuration file that could be modified to change the size of UI text. (Yeah, having configured autoexec.bat, config.sys, win.ini, and similar files back in the day, I do know my way around configuration files--if they are still used.)