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    Should be simple Shockwave question

      OK, I've been doing Director a LONG time. This should be an easy thing. Yet I'm stumped. I usually do application development and haven't played with Shockwave in a while so that could explain it.

      All I'm trying to do is play Real Media files in Shockwave. I've read that there are some problems with working with Real on OSX - and I've experienced this, so I'm doing the dev on WinXP. So, I imported a Real video file. It plays fine in Director. I publish it in Shockwave and all I get is the Real logo. It won't play. I have included the RealMedia Xtra in the movie settings and have selected "Download if needed" and "Include in projector". I added a button to play the movie - sprite(1).play() - nothing.

      So then, just for kicks, I decided to try a QuickTime file. I ended up getting the same results (I even tried the same test with different files in OSX and still no go).

      So, somebody please tell me what stupid switch I forgot to flip to allow me to watch video files from a Shockwave movie. Currently all of this testing has just been on my hard drive, so it has nothing to do with bandwidth or anything.