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    Disk configuration

    Chase Chick Level 1

      So right now I have a 120gb Evo for OS, and  1tb HDD for everything else.  I'm considering expanding.  Which would be better.


      Another SSD for caching, and another HDD for exporting?



      2 ssd?




      2 HDD?


      My other system details (I'm not a big wig yet)


      i7 4770

      nvidia 760 4gb

      32 gigs ram


      Thanks for any feedback!

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Well, it kinda depends!


          If you are primarily using AVCHD, DSLR media with Premiere Pro, then get another matching HD and do a RAID 0. If you do HD but have lots of layers or multi-cam, get two more 1TB drives and do a 3x RAID 0.


          If on the other hand you use After Effects mostly, get a big, fast SSD such as 512GB Samsung Pro or 500GB Crucial M500. Don't get another EVO for Premiere data, scratch, cache, etc. as the EVO has very poor large file write speed.


          And finally, if you plan use both Premiere Pro and AE a lot, get one more 1TB (do the RAID 0) and a smaller 250/256GB fast SSD for AE and media cache for PPro.





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            Chase Chick Level 1

            The third option sounds like it describes me the best.  So I guess one SSD, and one HDD it is!  Thanks so much for the reply.

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              Chase Chick Level 1

              how important is the raid 0?  raid isn't necessrily reccommended in the generic disk setup guidelines...

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                Chase Chick Level 1

                So seems like that page sort of recommends RAID3, as it has redundancy and performance enhancements.  Is this the general consensus?  So with that I would have:


                SSD: OS, programs

                SSD: cache, scratch

                2xHDD RAID3: media, explorts.


                Or would it be better to keep the HDD's separate and have one for media and one for exports?

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                  cc_merchant Level 4

                  Raid3 requires a hardware raid controller like Areca, not feasible on any 11xx motherboard and requires at least 3 drives. Two drives is not enough. A dedicated export drive is mostly a waste of resources.

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                    Chase Chick Level 1

                    In the generic disk setup it seems like it said that 4 disks and then a RAID0 was optional.  So I guess you're saying better to go RAID0 than not?  Can you please explain the reasoning, like pros and cons?  (I did read that guide on the tweakers website but id didn't really seem to give a definitive answer, unless I missed it)  Thanks!

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                      cc_merchant Level 4

                      From Tweakers Page - To Raid or not to Raid



                      The Band AID of RAID. There is no redundancy! There is a risk of losing all data that is a multiplier of the number of disks in the array. A 2 disk array carries twice the risk over a single disk, a X disk array carries X times the risk of losing it all.


                      A RAID0 is perfectly OK for data that you will not worry about if you lose them. Like pagefile, media cache, previews or rendered files. It may be a hassle if you have media files on it, because it requires recapturing or re-copying from the camera's media card, but not the end-of-the-world. It will be disastrous for project files.

                      Performance wise a RAID0 is almost X times as fast as a single disk, X being the number of disks in the array.

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                        Chase Chick Level 1

                        So sounds like the thing to do is to forget about the raid for right now and wait till I get a third disk and raid controller.


                        So question on raid controllers. A quick survey of Amazon indicates that these things can be had for as little as $35 or in the thousand dollar range for the Areca. I'm a bang for the buck kind of guy, so what should I be looking for out of these raid controllers?

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                          RjL190365 Level 5

                          Forget about the cheapo RAID controllers (or for that matter any RAID card that costs less than about $300-ish): They are actually software RAID controllers like almost all on-motherboard RAID controllers such as the onboard Marvell controllers. And even those hardware-based RAID controllers in the $300-$500ish range tend to use older, outdated controllers and/or lack on-board cache memory.

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                            Chase Chick Level 1

                            Any recommendations on a specific one that offers good bftb?

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                              Chase Chick Level 1

                              Ok I ended up getting another SSD, and a HDD.  So here's my current setup:


                              SSD: OS, programs

                              SSD: Cache, pagefile, scratch

                              HDD: imports

                              HDD: exports


                              But here's another monkey wrench.  I have a buddy who just randomly gives me another HDD.  Same kind as the others I have (1tb WD blue).  So now I have to figure out how to integrate that.  I don't have a RAID controller at the moment, but I was thinking add that in, have two HDD working in RAID 0, and use the other HDD for backups.  (I also happen to have an external HDD that I could throw into the mix.


                              What do you guys think about this setup?  Any suggestions?