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    Skip logic




      Is it possible to do the skip logic on just 1 page for multiple conditions, instead of using skip-logic page?


      For example, there are 2 unique subjects for each school and i want to do the following


      1 - Drop down menu (pick your school)

      2 - Pick the subjects based on point 1 above.



      School 1Maths
      School 1Science
      School 2English
      School 2History
      School 3Geography
      School 3Calculus



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Yes, there are both "Skip logic" to go to a page based on an answer and also "Show/Hide logic" to show a field (or group of fields) based on an answer (or set of rules). 


          Assuming that I understand your question correctly the answer should be "yes", you can "show" a field based on the answer to another field.  If you have one or more drop downs for "Schools" that contain School 1, School 2, and School 3 - and then create your subject drop downs for each school, you would add "Show/Hide" logic to each of the subject drop-downs so that they are only shown when the corresponding school is chosen from the "Schools" drop down. 


          Here is what the "Show/Hide" properties dialog looks like when I bring it up for my "Subjects" dropdown (and I have a Schools drop down above it):

          Show hide logic dialog.PNG




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            MPalassis Level 1

            Hi Josh.


            Thanks. To add a bit more complexity to the question.


            Let's say there's 8 schools, with 30 departments and 100 subjects.


            So I would need to create a department drop down menu for 8 different schools and consquently need to add 30 subjects down down menu corresponding to each department and school?


            If my understanding is correct, there's is a fair but of repetitiveness and was wondering if there's a simpler way of doing it.

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              It is hard for me to envision exactly what you are looking for, do users only select a single set or do they need to fill out the three options for each school?  If you need to have them repeat for each school then it does get repetative.


              It sounds like each dropdown would have unique data and that is all manual data entry.  Any dropdowns that would contain the same data can be created by Copy/Paste to reduce the data entry.


              Creating fields and logic can't be set up automatically, it does require you to create the fields, enter the data, and define the logic. 


              I'd recommend that you sign up for the "Free 30-day Trial" and check it out, you'll have a month to see if it works for you and if it does not simply turn off the automatic renewal in your account.