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    Adobe Media Server - rtmpt[e] failback




      I have a 5.0.1 Adobe Media Server installed.

      Apache is configured to answer on the port 80 of this server for http live streaming.

      AMS answers on the default port, 1935.


      Some of our clients and people who go to our websites have outbound firewall and can't reach port 1935 of the AMS server.


      When, in stream URL, I force the port 80 to be used, with the Adobe Sample Video Player 5 or our own Video Player, the video takes much longer to load.

      For example, the pages and video of a website loads in less than 2 seconds, whereis in rtmp[t][e] port 80, the video takes about 8 seconds to get ready to play.


      Adobe AMS5 documentation does not recommend proxying port 80 through AMS process, as the HLS connections can hang.

      How can i use port 80 for Apache and AMS without having long loading times for ams ?


      Thanks for Help,