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    How to generate PDF in Framemaker v11


      I made an upgrade from v10 to v11. All books and chapters lokk fine and editing and sving is no problem. Text is entered in FM, illustrations are imported in wmf format.

      When using the function "export to PDF" the problem starts.

      The program starts to do something. alost imediately the message come ups " program does not respond". The program hangs there forever. The only way to stop FM is through the task manager.

      I can see that something has been done, as the FM has started to generate a .tps file.

      No error messages are generated.

      Anyone with tips or tricks to vercome this issue?

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          Jeff_Coatsworth ACP/MVP

          Some more info required – is this a standalone install of FM or part of the TCS? Do you have the Adobe PDF printer instance as your default printer? Have you tried printing to PDF vs. save as PDF?

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            I have tried both, save as pdf and print to adobe pdf.  having problems both ways......just hangs there forever and again have to use task manager to cancel.  Also, having other issues before Christmas and had remembered someone told me to download the "AdobePatchInstaller" but when I tried to run it generated this........Adobe Run Error_1-14-2014.JPGI am going crazy with all these issues and I'm NOT an IT person so......

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              Jeff_Coatsworth ACP/MVP

              Looks like you may have a damaged install. Deactivate FM, uninstall it and reinstall again.

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                Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

                Hi Berse,


                In addition to Jeff suggestions.


                Please also verify :


                1) Whether you are able to create a PDF out of a New FM doc in V 11?

                2) Can you open this TPS file in Adobe Distiller on your machine and see if you are able to generate PDF with this TPS.

                3) In case the files are on network, try to keep them local (on C:/) and give it another shot.




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                  Berse Community Member

                  I am working in stand alone mode or off line  with local programs and everything on local disks on a laptom under windows7.


                  I have now done the following different tests.

                  Start a complete new FM11 document using standart template

                  Start a new FM11 document anr reusing tmeplates from previous documents.


                  In alla cases the operation "save as PDF" stops the program and can only be reset through the task manager.

                  The program creates .tps files, but it was unclear if they are completed or not.


                  The next test was tu use acrobat distiller and open the .tps file.


                  Now correct PDF files were generated.


                  Thank you all for suggestions and help. It is not a nice working enironment, but a workaround to a problem.



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                    TruthRequired Community Member

                    I had tried scenarios from previous suggestions in post; however, ultimately tried several other things and got it to work, first by trying to print to Adobe PDF and finally save as PDF.


                    First, the place holder graphics were larger than need be so I reduced size of file by replacing these.


                    Second, I had used red text font in some areas and changed from CMYK to RGB


                    I can't say what finally solved the problem but, at least I was able to get the file coverted!!