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    Java and AS Value Objects problem


      I have an AS VO and corresponding Java VO, which I am using for an LCDS application using AbstractAssembler (my application is identical in structure to the employee/company CRM example in LCDS examples application)

      The problem I am having is within my DAO. Much like EmployeeDAO.java, I am instantiating a new VO and then calling its setter methods with arguments as the results of a ResultSet, appending the VO's to a list, and then passing this back to the Assembler.

      When I run the application however, the only values that get set are those of type String. I can see within the terminal
      that these are set. The other local VO variables are of type BigDecimal (Java) / Number (AS) and these never get instantiated.
      Is this a problem with discrepancy between the AS VO and Java VO? or is this an issue with my data-management-config.xml defninition?
      Any extra info can be provided