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    iOS7 and Flash Builder




      Today i received a mail from Apple. It specified that all applications will be only developped with XCode and iOS 7 SDK.


      Now i'm very angry about this information.


      Is there someone who knows if I can continue to develop new applications using Flex, or Flash Builder ?


      Thanks for your answers.


      Bonjour tout le monde,


      Je vous contact aujourd'hui car je suis vraiment inquiet.


      Je viens de recevoir un courriel de Apple m'informant que toutes les nouvelles applications doivent être développées en utilisant XCode 5 et iOS 7 SDK.


      Or j'aime la solution Air Compiler, je l'utilise avec le compilateur Air SDK 3.9.


      Est-ce que quelqu'un sait si cette nouvelle demande (restriction) de Apple va nous empêcher d'utiliser Flash Builder ou Flex ?


      Merci de vos réponses à l'avance.

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          It is my understanding that the requirement is to compile using the ios 7 sdk.  I would think this is most easily done on a Mac.  I don't know what this means for Windows platforms.  My understanding is also that this won't limit the app from running on older devices.  You set the minimum device separately.  Having said that, I am having trouble specifying the IOS 7 sdk and compiling to that in Flash Builder.  I am searching these forums and online for someone that can help.  I put the 7.0 sdk path in the platform setting (the ANE tab) and no luck.  When you look at the plist in the generated ipa it says DTSDK is iphoneos6.0.  I checked that 'xcode-select -p' shows the 5.0.1 xcode in the proper directory. 


          I hope that helps.

          Cheers, @Scatabrain

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            tomaugerdotcom Level 1

            Please post here the letter you received from Apple. This is a very serious problem for us AIR developers if it is true.


            Merci d'avance.