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    Suppress dialog when executing jsxbin file from app.doscript


      I am using InDesign CS6, and am writing a loop script in ExtendScript Toolkit CS6 (Extendscript 4.2.12 ScriptUI 6.1.8)


      I am using a jsxbin file inside a loop.  After the jsxbin file is finished a script alert popup dialog appaers saying it is done and I am forced to click the ok button before it will allow my script to continue.  I am running the jsxbin file from app.doscript("[jsxbin string here]").  I tried changing the user interaction level to never interact before running the doscript, but this did not have any effect.  Is there a way to run the userInteractionLevels.NEVER_INTERACT as a parameter in app.doscript?  OR, is there a way to automatically close the script alert popup when it opens.  I am trying to avoid having to hit the OK button multiple times as the script runs.


      I am fairly new to writing script in InDesign.  Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.