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    Using Favorites

      I apologize for starting a new topic for what i think ought to be a simple question/answer but i really see no other way to do it; and, after an hour's search through the site, the help links, and then here, frustration over not being able to find what seems like a simple answer has brought me here.

      Regarding the Kuler website, I saved a few schemes to my favorites (by dragging them from the list as indicated by the pop-up help) but I have looked all over various locations and see no way to now access my favorites nor instructions telling me how to do this?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hello, I"m glad you posted. Favorites is just a quick way to save other people's themes that you like, hence dragging thumbnails to the bottom of the screen. To access them (e.g., to edit, get values, download), you just click on the thumbnail and get the theme details. You do need to be signed in to save favorites and see the thumbnails.

          If this is not the behavior that you are experiencing, please let me know what steps you are doing, give me browser/OS info, and we can look into it.