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    InDesign vs. Quark in regards to image file paths


      The small daily newspaper for which I work is transitioning from Quark 7.5 to InDesign 8 (the one that comes with CS6). We're using Markzware's Q2ID to convert some of our Quark documents to InDesign but ID doesn't update the images within a document. Here's an example:


      Quark image path — Vol2/DPS-ADS/GRAPHICS/C_22/DISCOUNT LIQ. BUILDING 9-4-01-2

      InDesign image path — Applications/Adobe InDesign CS6/Adobe InDesign CS6.app/Contents/MacOS/Vol2/DPS-ADS/GRAPHICS/C_22/DISCOUNT LIQ. BUILDING 9-4-01-2


      Is there a way to adjust ID so it doesn't include the Applications/Adobe InDesign CS6/Adobe InDesign CS6.app/Contents section?


      I'm sure I'm missing the big picture here. Thanks.

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          The extraneous paths are most likely an unwanted byproduct of the Q2ID conversion. You can verify this by placing same image into a new ID doc and view link info. If this is the case, you will have to re-establish links for new ID doc. If images are saved in various folders, I would collect output from Xpress, then once doc is converted, in Indesign you can relink to folder. Hopefully you could do this once and be done.


          Also, Q2ID conversion (like any conversion) is not perfect, there will be other things you will have to tweak.  

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I've not used Q2ID, so I can't say for sure if this is normal for the plugin, but it certainly isn't normal for ID. I'd contact Markzware and ask them about it.


            You can also try trashing your prefs. See Replace Your Preferences


            And to minimize any trouble downstream with your converted files it's a good idea to immediately export the converted file to .idml before doing anything else. See Remove minor corruption by exporting

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              jtfey Level 1



              My first call was to Markzware. It provided a software upgrade that didn't make a difference. I haven't trashed the prefs file but will give that a try, although we're seeing this on the two 2013 iMacs on which it's installed.


              Will look into converting.


              Thanks very much!

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                DavidMWE Level 1

                Hi, thank you for using our Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) plugin. That was a bug with one revision of this latest version. The very latest revision though fixed this. At least for the customers I have assisted and tested this with. Please contact us again with your License ID and we can assist you. (Also, important to perhaps first de-install and trash the old version of the plugin and all associated downloads before downloading and trying the new one.)


                Friendly Regards,

                David Dilling


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                  jtfey Level 1

                  David, I contacted Markzware support more than once. Our version was upgraded from to 6.10.52. If the latter isn't the correct update, please let me know.


                  We didn't have any luck using either software version. The paths for images always started with the computer on which Q2ID was installed. Also, paragraph and character style sheets have been a problem. We're to the point of rebuilding everything. Most of the settings within each paragraph and character style was correct, but for some reason they wouldn't display quite correctly.


                  I'm familiar with the base level of Quark 7.5 and new to InDesign, so I'm sure my "newbie-ness" didn't help the situation. Unfortunately, no one here was much wiser. Since the newspaper downturn management is less willing to bring in an expert to help with the transition.


                  Our basic page templates have been rebuilt in InDesign so we're past that stage. We do have lots of other Quark documents than need to be converted and I'm going to install the 6.10.52 on a different computer and see perhaps if I can get better results.



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                    DavidMWE Level 1

                    Hi, saw that the styles question was answered by our technicians. Did not find back so quickly a report about the image path names - although this was certainly an issue in an older revision or two.


                    Yes, your on it - Q2ID_for_CS6_Mac_v6.10.52mc52 is the latest version to go with. That should fix the image paths issue. If not, please get us a full description posted here: http://support.markzware.com


                    Thank you - Friendly Regards,

                    David Dilling