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    Hebrew and more

    zacksalfred Level 1

      The arabic world still seems to be excluded from using FramMaker due to the fact that it isn´t possible to type from right to left. When will Adobe recognise this problem? Over the years everything has got more and more globalised but not in the eyes of Adobe.  As a Frame user a manual in Arabic or Hebrew just has to be made with "Word" with all the restrictions that includes.



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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can use FM to *publish* right-to-left content imported from Word, you just won't be able to type new content or modify old content directly with it. But you're absolutely correct that FM needs to address the issue to allow any RTL language entry.

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            zacksalfred Level 1

            Thank you for responding. I know that you can import RTL languages into Frame but the big problem is line-breaks. Without a correct RTL-engine that import possibility is worthless.



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              Winfried Reng Level 3

              On the tekom/tcworld conference in November Kapil Verma (FrameMaker product manager) said that FrameMaker will probably support RTL languages with version 13. They are working on it.


              He also said that Miramo will release a solution to publish FrameMaker translations into RTL languages in the next months. Contact is

              Corinna Kinchin from Miramo, ckinchin@miramo.com. I do not know how complicated or expensive this will be.


              Best regards



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