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    Making selected copy transfer its characteristics into an already made style




      I often have a task of artworking a file from designers into a proper artwork file, where I use a master template with built in stylesheets or styles, as they are called in ID. I always wanted an option to select, say, a heading from a text box and tell it to transfer its characteristics to an already made style on my list.


      Example: I copy text boxes from the original design file with all the text broken from their original style (break link to style), effectively making it "No style", into my template and I click in a paragraph and  I want to call it Heading 1, which I already have in my template.


      The essence of this need is I use GREP styles in my template, but I don't want the tedious task of manually selecting the font, size, colour and any other characteristic of the selected text into my styles. I want to do two things in one go.


      Any help greatly appreciated.