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    animated explostion


      im tryin to take a logo thats in a gif that i created in illistrator and make it enlarge and then eventually explode does anyone know how to do this in edge animate?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          hello! Have you used fireworks? If you make it there, there is a plugin to import it in Animate.

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            K@rs0n Level 1

            I can do the enlarging on edge just fine so i tried fireworks for the explostion part i cant seem to do it i actually cant seem to do anything with the logo i have in fire works i cant even open it with out it being blury.  I have a logo made in illistrator that i need to make explode into a bunch of little pieces and then come back together into a different part of the logo.  am i over thinking the whole project ive seen it done but it was much different and i saw it on a profectional video. im trying to do this for a friend who needs to know if i can fig out if i can do it soon or not so any answers would be great

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              boxofspiders Level 1

              Unless it's specifically for a website you might be better working in After Effects to create your animation. There are a whole bunch of plugins for animating text, there might be one close to the effect you're after that you could tweak. It does depend what the end application will be though, whether it's for a website or a video etc.

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