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    Calling Generator Plugins from ExtendScript



      I hope you can help me out as I'm at the end of my tether!

      I'm working through the documentation on the Generators Github page, and am having difficulty getting the example for Calling Generator Plugins from ExtendScript to work.


      The Extend Script is this:


      var generatorDesc = new ActionDescriptor();

      generatorDesc.putString (app.stringIDToTypeID ("name"), "test");

      // Example of additional parameter passed to the node.js code:

      generatorDesc.putString (app.stringIDToTypeID ("sampleAttribute"), "moreInfo" );

      var returnDesc = executeAction (app.stringIDToTypeID ("generateAssets"), generatorDesc, DialogModes.NO);


      All it is supposed to do is trigger File>Generate>test  (which it wont) I have tried running it via File>Scripts>test, and through Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC to no avail.

      I have also tried using the Scripting Listener Plug-in, but in doesn't log events from File>Generate by the looks of it.


      Everything on the nodes.js side looks fine. if I manually trigger File>Generate>test , I get the correct response on the Command Line:


      Menu event {"generatorMenuChanged":{"name":"test"},"timeStamp":1389725487.074}, starting state {"enabled":true,"checked":false}


      Any ideas or alternative solutions?