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    Unable to download pdf file in windows 8.1


      After upgrading to windows 8.1, i have been unable to download pdf files sent via yahoo email, IE11 and Adobe Reader 11.  Did not have this problem before with windows 8.  I click on the pdf attachment, NOrton says that the file is safe but nothing happens.  Am unable to save the file to my computer either.  Have already reloaded Adobe Reader repeatedly, drivers for window 8.1 associated with the hardware on my system, newest version of internet explorer,, upgraded drivers for my Canon printer and still no downloads!!!

      Can anybody help?  Microsoft community unable to give anymore suggestions.

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          sjpt Level 4

          Wrong forum (this is Digital Editions), but ...


          I find .pdf files often won't launch properly on my Win8.1.  It starts the process but it doesn't do the right thing.


          Try making sure you don't have any copies of Reader working (AcroRd32.exe on my 32 bit Win 8.1).

          Start a copy from the start screen (or start menu if you've set one up) BEFORE you try to access the file.

          Now try to do the download or open it from the downloads directory.

          I find that way the file will open properly.