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    Table/figure numbering


      Hello all,


      I'm in the process of updating a document that we publish annually at my workplace using CS4.  I have figured out how to use paragraph styles so that tables and figures update themselves automatically, and also how to create a crossreference within the text that does the same.  However, I am stuck on a few points:


      1. Our figure numbering can go: Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3-1, Figure 3-2, Figure 4, etc.  Or Table 1, Table 2a, Table 2b, Table 3...  Is there a conditional that can be inserted?  Can I create a style so that it does # - # when necessary, and just the number alone when appropriate?  I have a feeling that I have to pick one format or the other...
      2. Our figure numbering starts at Figure 1, and after about 10 figures, the tables start at Table 1.  I cannot figure out how to get the figures and tables to number themselves separately.  My only choices were to have all tables labeled '1', or start where the figures left off (so the first one is labeled '11').  In addition, tables that span multiple pages have different table numbers (probably because they were created as separate tables, so I have to figure out how to join them).


      Thank you for any help.