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    CameraUI new feature request


      I'd like to make a new feature request for the CameraUI.


      Please make it be able to take multiple photos before the native camera application exits.  The reason for this is 2-fold:


      1) better performance - bringing up the native camera application is a heavy duty task, then when it exits and then bringing back up a flash/flex/air app on mobile is also a heavy task.  The overall performance would be better if there is a need to take multiple photos if the native camera application wouldn't have to be instantiated for each image.


      2) MoSync handles multiple photos being taken by the native camera application before the camera application exits, and the mosync app is instantiated with hooks to all the images taken.  I tested it, and MoSync's memory consumption is less than half of Flash's for an app that performs similarly. 

      See:   http://www.mosync.com/files/imports/doxygen/latest/html5/captureImage.md.html#capture.capt ureImage

      This is demonstrated in their WormholeDemo app in the examples download.