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    Imposition Errors, please help, how to fix

    J. Jackie

      Hi, I am working on a catalog for my work.  It only has 12 pages and I have created it on A4 Pages and intended to print onto A3 paper with 4 total pages per sheet, 2 per face.  My problem is that when I started a new section in order to make the real first page of my catalog be automatically numbered as page 1 this made my first 4 pages I through IV.  Now when I go to print the way it has the imposition is with the back cover with my first page of the second section and my front cover with the last page of the first section.


      I am wondering how I can fix this.  Surely you must be able to section your indesign document in order to have correct page numbering without it literally making the imposition of your book impossible.  When I go to the print booklet section it shows me the imposition but doesnt allow me to modify which pages go with which other pages and so forth.  I'm wondering why it just shows you the completely incorrect imposition rather than allowing you to modify it yourself. 


      My pages are as follows: I (Cover), II, III, IV, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A (Back Cover).

      Currently my only work around I can think of is to print to PDF and print only the pages I want to go together, such as I and A, II and 7, III and 6, IV and 5, 1 and 4, and lastly 2 and 3.  Then I would print only half of them and flip and print the other half on the back side.  The only issue I have with this is if I ever make any changes to the document or add anything it will be very difficult to be able to print out new versions. 


      If anyone has an easier way to do this, without buying expensive software, please shed some light my way.


      Thanks in advance for any help or postings.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Sounds like you might be set to Perfect Bound instead of Saddle Stitch, and you've got the signature size set to 4.

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            J. Jackie Level 1

            Im not sure about the signature size but I definatly have it set to saddle stitch, whats even worse is if I export the whole document to a PDF it keeps that same pagination, and will always have my first page with the last page of the first section and the back cover with the first page of the second section.  I have tried playing around with those settings and it doesnt change what order it puts my pages in.



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              J. Jackie Level 1

              Wow well thats new, it honestly defaults to 2 up saddle stitch but I just went in now to play around with it some more, I guess having the paper size correct makes a difference??? anyway thats news to me, I had my paper size set to letter because thats my printers default, by changing it to A3 so I can fit both my A4's, and placing them lanscape instead of portrate, when I look back at the print booklet imposition it has fixed it!!!!! Really this is baffeling to me, why this would work, but you will hear no complaints from me.  Thanks Adobe gods!

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Can you show us a screen shot of the pages panel, and of the previews in Print Booklet, please.

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                  J. Jackie Level 1

                  Sure, I am on a work computer right now though, and on here I dont have any easy screen capture programs like snag-it, when I'm home after making dinner I will have time to recreate the problem on my cs6 version at home and there I have all the tools to capture and post more effective explanations of what happened, honestly though I've been playing around with these settings for a day or so now, and I know for a fact I tried setting it up the way I have it now, and it didnt come out this way.  I wont be the least bit suprised if when I get home to try and recreate the problem if it either totally works, or totally doesnt.  Regardless that will come later when I am off work.  Right now I'd like to print this thing as fast as possible while it still works.

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                    rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Seems like a bug. You would think with the Page Numbering preference set at Absolute Numbering it would work. If I start any section with page 1 the imposition is wrong.

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                      J. Jackie Level 1

                      Well yesterday when I was trying really hard to get it to work, I tried setting it to absolute numbering, and for some reason to print a range of pages or to specifiy a page that was not numbered with a number but rather a roman numeral or letter, I needed to use that value, not one of the absolute numbers 1-12 for my document page.  It probably was a bug but more to do with the setting of absolute numbering not working because now when I go to print or select a page I can use the absolute numbering system pages 1-12 to select my document page, which it was not letting do so before.




                      ps. I could care less for the confusion just so long as it works.  Things that work make me happy!