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    Form Workflow Environment


      When using FormsCentral in a form workflow environment, what Adobe products are needed?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Can you describe the workflow you are looking for?  That will help a lot in my reply...


          I am guessing you mean a workflow where multple users fill out the form.  FormsCentral does not support this type of workflow, which isn't to say that it cannot be used.  The "Web/HTML" form is not "routable".  FormsCentral does not have an approval workflow, or enable multiple users to fill out a form.  You could distribute a FormsCentral form as a PDF and that PDF could be forwarded on to the appropriate users and then submitted back to FormsCentral.


          A few more things to note:

          • FormsCentral is a stand alone solution and does not require any additional software.  That said, if you are using a PDF work flow then Adobe Acrobat is an extremely useful tool, without knowing more of your requirements I cannot say if you need Acrobat or not.
          • FormsCentral does not support Signatures, if you require signatures in your workflow you would not want to collect and manage the data in FormsCentral, you would want to use Acrobat and an Email work flow, you could still use FormsCentral for the authoring tool for the PDF.


          Let me know if this raises additional questions.


          This FAQ on FormsCentral vs Acrobat may prove useful: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1385