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    Sign PDF AcrobatReader/Ubuntux64/SmartCard

    Marcela Fernandez

      I am trying to digitally sign a PDF using a digital certificate that is stored in a smart card. I have already added the PKCS#11 module of my smart card successfully, but I can't sign the PDF using the certificate that I already have in my smart card. I am using Ubuntu 64bits and Adobe Reader 9. When I try to add a new Digital ID and I select the option: "A device connected to this computer", I get the following error message: "Acrobat could not find any digital ID's.  If your digital ID is on hardware token, please make sure it is plugged in and the token interface is properly configured."


      My hardware token is plugged in and the PKCS#11 library is properly configured.


      Any help on how to sign a PDF using the certificate in my smart card? Is this possible?


      Thanks in advance.