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    Importing data from third party file with specific layout

    lapneto Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I have been searching the forum and googling for help on this but so far no success.


      The issue I have is the following:

      - I need my client to provide data to me in 2 different dates (Date 1 and Date 2), for example, a bank account balance;

      - He has already provided me with data for "Date 1" in the previous year and this information is stored in a file, generated by a government software;

      - I have the file layout provided by the government, establishing the location and number of characters where the information is stored (e.g. need to import characters 4-12 of a specific line in the file);

      - I need to be able to read from this file and pre-populate field "Date 1" with the amounts informed previously;

      - I will then send a PDF form for him to update the "Date 2" field, using the amount in "Date 1" as a reference.


      Is there any way I can do this?


      I like researching and do this as a hobby, therefore I don't expect to receive pieces of code already prepared - I would just appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction here, as my coding skills are from a guy interested in learning things.


      Many thanks in advance for all the help.


      P.S.: the government software can generate a .PDF file and the data I need is reported there, just in case it is easier to work with a PDF file instead.