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    Closed captions in an OSMF ParallelElement...  OSMFCCDecoder

    Gaius Coffey Level 2

      OK, so I have built an OSMF player and the brief was to implement closed captioning. So far, so good, I went to here:

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/adobemediaserver/devguide/WS5262178513756206-55daa065139e25f45 96-8000.html


      All worked well enough using a SerialElement to schedule content. but then the brief was to implement a new style of advertising and...


      Midrolls may or may not be inserted at unknown points and, with a single file for my main content, the only logical way to implement it is to pause within a ParallelElement. That way, the advertising can overlay ads as MediaElements at appropriate points and stop / start / play / pause to its merry satisfaction.




      OSMFCCDecoder class breaks with ParallelElement.


      It simply does nothing.


      There is no way to specify a clip to listen to. No way to get it to show anything.


      Therefore, I can either have closed captioning or advertising and, unsurprisingly, my customer wants both...


      Is there any way to get sources for OSMFCCDecoder or, better, a more controllable version of OSMFCCDecoder?