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    where'd my font go?

    detritus books Level 1

      I just opened a document that was sent to me, and it used a font that I don't have, but the folder came with the font. So, I moved that font to my Fonts folder, and went back to the document. But then I wanted to switch a bit of text to Minion Pro, but it was no longer in my fonts drop down menu. I switched over to another project I had open, which is set in Minion Pro, and it was showing some other crappy font, and up in the little box that would show what font I'm in at the time, it says

      [Minion Pro (OTF)], and Minion Pro is also not in the dropdown menu. I checked my fonts folder and it still shows all the versions of Minion Pro existing. Why wouldn't it be showing up in my dropdown menues? Where did it go???