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    get dragged object to go back to pre-dragged locale

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      Here's the scenario... I've got a draggable object that shows up where I want it the first time > I drag it > drop it on a correct droppable, and things are fine.


      Here's the code I'm using from creationComplete...



      //Use the code! Draggable! Droppable!!     sym.$('ques1Drag').draggable({revert:'invalid', cursor:"pointer"});    //Droppable... on the target!     sym.$('objection_salesPt2').droppable({        accept: sym.$('ques1Drag'),            drop: function() {         sym.$('ques1Drag').hide();   //hides the draggable object                var correctShow = sym.createChildSymbol("correct", "Stage"); //shows a 'correct' feedback                   correctShow.getSymbolElement().css({"position":"absolute", "left":"500px", "top":"300px"});                   correctShow.play();         }     });



      BUT, if a user chooses to go back to the beginning of the drag/drop section and re-do all of the drags and drops again, the draggable object shows up (yes, I've set code to say .show(); the object that was hidden after a correct drop) on top of the droppable object, not where it originally started.


      Pre-drag... question mark gets dragged to Objections



      If the user goes back to the beginning of the drag/drop section... here's where the draggable object shows up on the droppable (where it got left/dropped)


      It's like the drag and drop function remembers where it got dropped, is there a way to reset this?


      Yes the user could hit F5 and start all over, but then they'd have to go to the very beginning, not just the beginning of a section.



      Thanks for any help,