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    IE 11 error - MuseJSAssert: error calling selector function


      I have published a rough version of my site to:




      The site functions properly in Chrome and Safari.  However, when IE 11 loads the home page, it returns the following error message:


      MuseJSAssert: Error calling selector function:Error:Invalid Argument.


      The browser then fails to load the slideshow at the top of the page.  This slideshow contains 3 .jpg files.  It is essentially the vanilla version out of the standard widgets library.  Can someone take a look att eh site and tell me what can be done?

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          Andrew Hushbeck Level 4

          Hi Shannon,


          It looks like you have an invalid link towards the bottom of your page. The text "Fill out our online form" looks like it was supposed to link to a javascript window, but doesn't look like it was added correctly. Muse tried to fill in the URL, but couldn't get it right, possibly because of a space before your link, and what ends up happening is you have an invalid link. When we try to do some processing on that link when we load the page, IE throws an error because it doesn't understand it. To fix it, you should be able to just go to that link in Muse, fix it up to be what you're looking for in the hyperlinks drop down, and then republish.


          Hope that helps,


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            ShannonG Level 1

            Yep!  That fixed it.  Thanks very much for the quick reply.  I want to say - Muse is a godsend.  I have been struggling to implement our website through consultants  - the endless looping between my requests and their implementation just drove me crazy.  And I have awful chemistry with Wordpress - starting with the way it arbitrarily reformats my copy.  With Muse, I can immediately create what I want, and as long as i keep it simple, it is amazingly slick.  The ability to instantly publish means I can error check as I go.


            Thanks again for the great product, and the fast and helpful support.

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              jamos316 Level 1

              i am experiencing the same problem with my site. it is fine in chrome & firefox but whenever i use ie it comes up with the error message while loading the first index page, also i go to the page using my ipad (safari) and i get the error message also. i release the ipad issue could be to do with because i have just got a desktop version created in muse not a tablet or mobile.

              you mentioned about there being a broken link on the page but i have double checked and there are now links on my index page.

              can you help please